Body Therapies



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Individual Therapies:



This deeply relaxing, one or two-person choreographed massage brings nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles, and calmness to the mind. Because each body type is unique, special handcrafted oils are used which are prepared with herbs or essential oils to meet your special needs. This highly popular therapy is beneficial for diseases of the nervous and immune systems such as anxiety, tics, Parkinson’s disease, heart palpitations, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disease, muscle tension, chronic fatigue, general tonification, and more.

Standard Abhyanga
60 Minutes

Combine with Svedana
90 Minutes
$166 (10% off)



Lay back and relax, as a soothing stream of warm, herbalized oil is poured luxuriously onto your forehead and third eye. This simple yet profound treatment works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind, taking you on a journey deep within. Good for mental and emotional balance, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, disorders of the nervous system, nervous exhaustion, stress and anxiety.

Standard Shirodhara
30 Minutes

Combine with Abhyanga and Svedana
120 Minutes
$179 (10% off)



Follow your warm oil massage with an exquisite herbal steam treatment that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. Medicinal herbs such as lavender, chamomile, bay leaf, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemongrass help to clear the channels, relax the muscles and nurture the senses. This treatment aids in the elimination of toxins and is beneficial for stiffness, coughs, pain in the ears, neck or head, edema (swelling) and promotes deep relaxation.

Standard Svedana
30 Minutes



This wonderful therapy opens the breathing channels and promotes a clear mind. The treatment begins with relaxing heat therapies to promote dilation of the sinuses and nasal channels in the forehead and face.  It is followed by nasal administration of herbalized oils to clean and purify the sinuses. Good for allergies, snoring, sinusitis, tinnitus, sleep apnea and headaches.

Standard Nasya
30 Minutes